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Published author, motivational speaker, educator, and self-improvement nerd.

Take Two — I’d like to try this again . . . and let you know the real me

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I quickly wrote an “About Me” story back in October that had a list of my most impressive writing accomplishments, a personable professional headshot, and . . . no soul. I wrote it, checked it off my to-do list, and moved on to my next activity. Unfortunately, sometimes, I do that kind of thing. I’m working on being more mindful and I’m working on myself.

I thought that you Medium readers would only be interested in my past experiences associated with writing. I thought that if I told you I used to be a dancer, an actor, a producer, a…

I’m rubber, you’re glue…

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We’ve all been there. The times when the putrid, emotionally-charged word vomit of others makes its unwanted splat on our vulnerable souls. No one can know when it will happen until it’s too late. But, when it does, time’s up. Yoshi wins. You’ve been slimed by the unaddressed childhood trauma of some other inconsiderate cohabitant of this massive chunk of rock.

What does one do when smacked in the face with an unwarranted passionate response to what you thought would be a benign interaction? What do you do when you receive the stare of death and harsh words in response…

Your body is coming for you if you’re not careful.

Creepy smiling clown photo
Creepy smiling clown photo
Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash

When I got the audition for my last Broadway show, I had just taken a really dicey fall. My ankle looked like a grapefruit and I was maxing out over-the-counter pain pills every day just to walk through Manhattan. I posted a photo to Instagram which my agent immediately made me take down. “That’s terrifying — no one should see that,” he said.

I put on an air cast, covered it up with a leg warmer, and danced and sang my way through the audition. The next day, I was offered the job. I was to start rehearsals the next…

How I earned $847.19 and what I learned

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It doesn’t seem like a lot of money to be earning in a month for having worked diligently at something for almost a year, right?

I’m okay with that. I’ve been writing on this platform for eleven months and I learn something new every month. I get better at all the things surrounding my writing (subject choice, title creation, SEO, etc.), and I continue to build relationships. And, not for nothing, the trend line for my compensation here is still pointed upward.

So, as I promised when I quit my six-figure job last September to become a full-time writer, I…

Pretending is believing. And believing can help you succeed.

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If you know me, you know I very rarely binge scripted television. Recently though, I have become obsessed with Billions on Showtime. And the main character, Bobby Axelrod, is helping me immensely in real life.

I am a little embarrassed to share this with you. And that’s exactly why I’m sharing it. It feels ridiculous to me, but when I completely commit, it changes my demeanor, productivity, and confidence. See, sometimes I like to act like I’m Bobby Axelrod.

No, I don’t trade securities (though I’ve been fascinated with the stock market since grade school), I’m not a billionaire, and…

A mini-mental wellness check-in with journaling prompts

By Agência Brasil Fotografias

In an epic display of personal fortitude, Simone Biles withdrew from the team competition at the Tokyo Olympics saying, “I have to focus on my mental health and not jeopardize my health and well-being.”

Her decision has caused an overwhelming outcry on social media and news channels for people (particularly Americans) to focus on their mental health and wellness. Biles is leading the charge by example — putting herself and her personal needs first. Now, the real question is…are you?

No, I’m really asking — are you aware of your mental state at this current moment? Are you aware of…

Here’s exactly why you should do it anyway. And then kick it to the curb.

Two soccer players on the field doing preparatory stretches before the match
Two soccer players on the field doing preparatory stretches before the match
Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

My kid and I headed out to day two of soccer camp. We had the athletic gear, the ball, the water bottle, the mini shin guards, and the adorable size 10 fluorescent green cleats.

We ate a healthy breakfast, made sure we went “pee pee” before we left (both of us), and we even talked about what good listeners we would be in the car on the way there. Day two of soccer camp was great for the first few minutes. And, while all of the gear held up, the kid didn’t.

Suffice it to say that we left early…

Pragmatic Productivity

Facing what some researchers call the new corporate disease

Blurred travelers at a busy Underground station
Blurred travelers at a busy Underground station
Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

Pressure makes diamonds. This is go time. Let’s do this, Michelle.

It was 3:15 am and I was mentally pumping myself up as I started to write my second article since opening my laptop around 2 a.m. My husband was sawing logs next to me in bed and my maniacal eyes glowed with ambition as the blue light of my laptop screen illuminated the otherwise dark room. This needs to get done.

Pressure makes diamonds. And in this situation, I had created my own pressure. I had put off something I needed to do until the last minute — I…

Where to look for inspiration when you’re over it

Person with glasses and goatee listening to headphones and looking out into the distance
Person with glasses and goatee listening to headphones and looking out into the distance
Photo by Mubariz Mehdizadeh on Unsplash

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are your own motivator. You ultimately answer to yourself, you make the decisions, and if things fail, it’s usually your fault. That’s a lot of “you.”

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, wearing many hats can be exhausting. And when you’ve succeeded enough to have a team, the weight of the responsibility for others’ livelihoods is even heavier than all those hats.

Entrepreneurship is exhausting. It’s easy to burn out. Often. When I’m feeling like I’m over all of it and I need some inspiration, I crank up my podcast app. …

Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

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