2021 Submission Guidelines for The Innovation

13 steps for getting your article published

Michelle Loucadoux
9 min readDec 29, 2020


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Created in May of 2020, The Innovation is a rapidly growing Medium publication that welcomes thousands of new followers per month. The Innovation curates quality stories exploring innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, inspiration, sustainability, writing, business, and design and delivers exceptionally high-quality content to educate, motivate, and inspire its readers.

Because The Innovation is selective in its choice of articles, we ask writers to adhere to our submission guidelines. We want to feature your fantastic writing, but if it does not meet the following guidelines, unfortunately, we will most likely have to pass on the submission.

Here are the submission guidelines that will be discussed in this article:

  1. Subjects we love to include
  2. Article topics to avoid
  3. Types of articles to submit
  4. Grammar
  5. Title and subtitle
  6. Images
  7. Body of text formatting
  8. Calls to action and affiliate links
  9. Cited source material
  10. How to become a writer
  11. How to submit your article
  12. Series and columns
  13. Additional notes

1. Subjects we love to include

The Innovation was created as an outlet for you to share your ideas, insights, and research with others. We want to help you help other people make their lives and businesses better and more effective every day. We love to include these topics in our publication:

  • Entrepreneurship & Startups: Case studies, corporate entrepreneurship, business models, intrapreneurship, solopreneurship, marketing strategies, growing the business, strategies for success, experience with your startup, startup engagement, strategies for growth, financial management, money, finance, life advice for entrepreneurs, and anything else related to getting your ideas up and running
  • Motivation & Self-Improvement: Productivity, inspiration, motivation, advice, psychology, careers, work…



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